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Medical student arrested by involving in online harassment

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RAWALPINDI: FIA Cyber Crime Wing has arrested a medical student in Rawalpindi in case of online harassment of female students firstly asking friendship with them and then sending dishonest pictures and demanding for money.

While talking to media, FIA’s deputy director Shahid Hussain told that a sophomore student is arrested from Noshehra Medical College on a complaint of a female student from Islamabad University.

That girl told FIA Cyber Crime Wing that accused student was blackmailing her on Facebook. She further added that the suspect has many bogus accounts on Facebook through which he sends the request to girls and afterward starts online harassment by sending filthy content and demanding money.

The litigators told FIA team that such people send the request to girls and demanding their pictures. After that these pictures edited into pornographic contents and thus harassed girls by demanding money.

Deputy Director told that many girls committed suicide in such situations because they could not tell their parents that someone is harassing them by filthy contents.

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