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PMLN supporter seized for running fake Facebook account to malign PTI

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LAHORE: The FIA has arrested a Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PMLN supporter to supposedly run a fake Facebook account to malign Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry.

Mr. Chaudhry has reported to FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing that a malicious Facebook account was being run that include false information of him depicting his corrupt political image and causing hatred among secretariats thus endangering his life.

The suspect Haroon Ali was arrested on Monday from his residence during a raid by FIA cybercrime team. FIA cybercrime deputy director Khalid Anees told that, “The Facebook account was traced and found that suspect was registered as Haroon Ali. The content on mobile phone of suspect has already been sent for forensic analysis.”

Mr. Anees explained, “He was a PML-N supporter who had been running a bogus page “Ro Imran Ro” on Facebook.” He further added, “The suspect posted malicious content against PTI leaders including fake posts of Mr. Chaudhry in relation to Mumtaz Qadri; murderer of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer; which could have endangered his life.”

He said that the accused was not receiving any amount to run that page or to do such malicious activities, but was doing this on his own in love for PMLN.

Under Section 24 of the Prevention of Election Crime Act, a case has been registered against Haroon Ali which is a bail-able offence, having maximum punishment of up to 3 years.

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