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“Cyber Fraud” British Pakistani Fraudster Raked £ 113 Million

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Faizan entrapped bank customers on phone by dubbed his accent in more than one language.

Biggest cyber fraud case in the British history, pictures of accuse British-Pakistani Faizan Chaudhry aka Fizzy – are captured via social media.

Accuse Faizan was fond of petting lion. His Facebook profile is splashed out on gold, bling, Rolexes, and luxuries cars. Besides having a lavish villa in Lahore, he has properties in Dubai and London and usually bragged his assets on social media.

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Belonged to Glasgow, Accuse Faizan entrapped bank users by talking in different accents in more than one language on phone.

In the short span of 1.5 years, Faizan has scammed 750 businesses of 2 renowned banks in the UK – John Lewis and RBS – and £113 million has collected through bank transfer in the cyber fraud case.

According to the British Media, this cybercrime gang usually rake £ 2 million per week in their time.

The British citizen is punished 11 years imprisonment in the cyber fraud case.

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