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“Offensive Campaign” Against Judge on Social Media

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ISLAMABAD: FIA registered a case against 3 accused along Chacha Shakoor in an offensive campaign on social media against Athar Minallah, Justice Islamabad High Court.

Assistant Director Cybercrime Imran Haider has started the investigation of the case registered by Humayon Aslam; Sub-Inspector cybercrime center Islamabad.

FIA Cybercrime Wing has launched a case against people indulge in an offensive propaganda on social media against Islamabad High Court Judge under PECA sections 10(A), 11, 20, and Pakistan Penal Code sections 109 and 506.

Acting Registrar, Islamabad High Court, complained about the case upon which case has been registered.

According to FIA, Abdul Shakoor was doing a baseless offensive propaganda against Judiciary on YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and a website while many fake accounts are doing same in which a Dubai Website Development company is also involved.

Moreover, many pieces of evidence and materials have also been received with the complaint.

According to FIA sources, an offensive video against judges is uploaded on a YouTube channel named Chacha Shakoor which has already 34k subscribers.

According to the remarks and decisions made by Justice High Court Athar Minallah, aforementioned accounts on social media uploaded offensive content for which Cybercrime Team is in continuous contact with YouTube authority.

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