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Harassing Woman Online: Man Punished 6 Years Jail And Rs. 0.7 Million Fine

harassing woman online

A man in case of harassing woman online sentenced to 6 years jail with Rs. 0.7 million by a magistrate in Lahore.

A case was reported in which the victim; wife of a Pakistan Air Force Officer; was harassed and blackmailed by the stalker, threatening to share her doctored photos on Facebook.

Federal Investigation Authority FIA’s special magistrate Imtiaz Ali Bajwa – after hearing the trials – sentenced the accuse Usman Bin Masood six years imprisonment under Sections 20 (offences against dignity), 21 (offences against modesty) and 24 (cyberstalking) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) 2016 and a fine of about Rs 0.7 million for online harassing woman.

The accused was convicted of cyber offenses in which he digitally manipulates women pictures and shares them on social media channels to blackmail and harass them.

The case was registered after the Air Force Officer launched a complaint against accused when he threatened his wife to share her edited pictures online.

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