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Pakistani Banks Are Hacked: FIA Officials Said Data of All Banks Are Hacked

pakistani banks are hacked

As the biggest security breach on Bank Islami, doors of security theft are opened for other banks of Pakistan. There has a rippling effect on the banking system with at least 6 Pakistani banks have already suspended usage of their debit cards outside the country. There are still concerns being voiced that all Pakistani banks are hacked and customers don’t know what to do.

Cybersecurity experts are warning that many Pakistani banks are vulnerable to cyberattacks and the central bank have already issued instructions to the local banks to make sure their cybersecurity system is well established and secure the data of their account holders and customers.

FIA’s top official revealed that almost all major Pakistani banks’ data have been stolen. A private news channel quoted the FIA’s Cybercrime Wing Director, Captain Retired Muhammad Shoaib revealing the disclosure to it.

Shoaib said that customers’ data from almost all major Pakistani banks was stolen in a recent security breach. He further told that according to the reports, most of the banks are affected.

Group-IB – a global cyber security firm – revealed in a recent report that hackers released a new dump of Pakistani credit and credit cards on dark web forums.

Recently, Bank Islami is hit by the biggest security breach in the history of the country as a result Rs. 2.6 million from its accounts were stolen.

Captain Retd. Shoaib said:

More than 100 cases have been registered with the FIA and are under investigation. We have made several arrests in the case, including that of an international gang.

FIA has written to the banks in the question and is summoning the banks’ representatives to discuss the situation. Issues of the cyber attack on Pakistani banks are stealing customers’ data also featured in the national Assembly session on Tuesday.

MNA of PMLN and former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal raised the issue in the house. He said that it is of prime importance to raise the significance of this issue and there are reports that data of Pakistani banks’ customers have been hacked.

He asked Finance Minister to take it into confidence. Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood while responding to Ahsan Iqbal’s point of order said that currently, the issue is under investigation. The government will put before the house all facts after completion of the ongoing investigation.

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