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Retired Scientist Recovered Rs3 Million From Bank Account Withdrawn By Hackers

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withdrawn by hackers

ISLAMABAD: Amount of Rs3million withdrawn by hackers from a retired scientist bank account has been mysteriously regained this week.

FIA sent a notice to the concerned bank after which Dr. Yousuf Khilji got all his money back into his account. As the voices being circulated among different bank accounts got hacked, Dr. Yousuf discovered that all his life’s savings are withdrawn by hackers in a suspected fraud transaction.

The suspected transactions were carried out on Oct 25 and 26, according to some details.

Recently, various media reports revealed a major cyber attack on different Pakistani banks withdrawn billions of accounts from accounts. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) denied all media reports and said that there is no evidence of banks data being hacked except Bank Islami.

The SBP added:

We would like to emphasize that except for the incident of October 27, 2018, in which reportedly the IT security of one bank was compromised, no breach has been reported.

Additionally, State Bank has already instructed all banks to take all precautionary measure to protect their databases and upgrade their security systems to prevent any future cyber attacks.  The payment schemes representative had also assured that they have taken all necessary steps to help banks in identifying any cyber threat on the card system. They offered additional control to make sure everything is going in line.

Moreover, some banks are taking all major steps to make sure their systems are well-protected against any cyber threat whilst others are confident of their security systems. These banks have continued all card transactions available in hand to their customers.

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