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Disregarded By PayPal After A Fraudster Shut An Account

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The bank said it couldn’t help to refund the money as I didn’t have a PayPal account.  Victim.

An unauthorized transaction was made on the account and £220 was used to buy a Flight Gift Card. Then the fraudster closed the account. PayPal opened an appeal and stated that the money should be put back into the account within 48 hours.

An email was sent explaining that appeal has been denied as the victim is no longer a PayPal customer as fraudster closed the account. After three weeks, PayPal advised the victim to ask from the concerned bank to raise a dispute since she is no longer a PayPal customer.

Victim (IB, Cardiff) told that:

The Bank told me that it couldn’t help as the fraud occurred on my PayPal account, not on my debit card.

For nearly a month, PayPal declared that it had closed the complaint as the account has been terminated. Then, it claimed that they could not do anything as the bank had issued a chargeback request – which hadn’t actually – and, finally, the bank had refused the chargeback request and returned the funds to the merchant – which was again not true.

It was revealed when the Observer intervened and disclose that it had messed up. A spokesperson said:

Due to human error, the unauthorized payment on the customer’s PayPal account was not appropriately dealt with….We have apologized and issued a goodwill credit to her account for the inconvenience caused.

The stolen data has now been refunded.

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