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Ultimatum To Twitter: Indian Government Warned To Remove Objectionable Content

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The Indian government on 12 November warned the famous global social media medium Twitter, to be slow in removing the unlawful and objectionable content on it, which not only cause the spread of hate messages but also the rumors of inciting violence and crime against women.

The case was bought into the notice of the Indian Home Ministry on which actions were taken for the removal of such content. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba also directed Vijaya Gadde set a meeting with Mahima Kaul, Head Public Policy, Twitter India ensuring him to set a mechanism for the disposal of violence promotion posts and to take effective action against objectionable contents on their platform not only the removal of such content but also it was advised to them to hire some Indian-based contact persons who remain 24/7, to deal with the issue and to make it sure that such violence triggering events will never appear in the future.

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During the meeting between the officials, Indian government pressured the social media medium to improve their system and to take provisions under the Criminal Penal Code and other laws. They were told that if such measures were not implemented, the Indian government will be left with no other choice but to take strict legal actions against them in order to ensure that their label is not involved in provoking violence in the country.

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