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5,500 Cyber Complaints Registered In Lahore

cybercrime complaints

LAHORE: The FIA Lahore has registered 5,500 cybercrime complaints this year in order to fill the loopholes in the correlation between cybercrimes and the psychological issues which are growing in youth.

According to sources, people avoid launching online complaints due to slow and time-consuming process. In response to that, FIA said that process is not slow but cybercrime cases are treated accordingly.

The cybercrime complaints registered this year mainly include hacking, identity theft, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, cyber harassment, data and security breach, financial fraud, digital piracy, intellectual property rights violation, electronic terrorism, extortion.

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FIA has established National Response Center (NRC) in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Quetta in agenda to empower women and speak-up for their selves.

According to some sources, the process of filing online cybercrime complaints is quite slow-paced as it takes 30 to 60 days to process because of which many women avoid reporting the issues.

FIA Cybercrime Wing Lahore Assistant Director Muhammad Usman said,

We have received almost 5,500 cybercrime complaints from Lahore which include complaints about blackmailing, fraud, hacking, and piracy among other.

Asking about harassment complaints he told,

Not only have women filed complaints of harassment against women but men have also spoken up against women who harassed them on social media.

Inquiries on more than 2,500 cybercrime complaints have been initiated and cases have been registered. He further told that sometimes complaints are withdrawn if two parties agree to a settlement.

Sometimes the complaints are dropped when there is no follow-up on them but mostly we initiate inquiries on such complaints. Only a few hundreds of total registered complaints are still pending.

On the slow process, he said that our process is not slow but the integrity and status of cybercrime complaints are different. They collect evidence from different sources. Likewise, the suspect is not always easy to get identified and hence it takes time to identify them. Once we gather all the information, we draw a conclusion.

He concluded,

We have resolved cases and punished those who were proven to be guilty.

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