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Facebook Repressed On Trump And Russia For Republicans

trump and russia

On Wednesday this week, bombshells were published in New York Times in which they reveal that how Facebook has handled its turmoil over the last 2 years. It seems like on many different occasions the medium has to try to appease and avoid confrontation with Republican’s rather than taking actions to combat Russian-Trump propaganda.

Like in 2015’s Trump racist post were the company decided to keep his post up because it wasn’t deemed to violate any term of service. When Alex Stamos, Facebook’s former Chief Security Officer directed a team and wanted to publish their findings on the newspaper about the Russian propaganda but Kaplan, Facebook Vice President objected it.

If Facebook implicated Russia further”, Mr. Kaplan said, “Republicans would accuse the company of siding with Democrats,” the Times writes.

The company does so to not go against Republicans politicians. It shows that Facebook not only do such at the expense of ‘transparency and community’ policies (though Facebook is not the only medium that has done it in the past).

It shows the amount of pressure political optics had on the decision making of the company. There are sometimes where it seems that Facebook gives a platform for actual dedication to free speech like Trump’s racist; turns out that it did to avoid the resentment.

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On the other hand, the scenario of Russian report making, that didn’t even make it to the published ground was all the action for the sake of showing, they are not partisan.

Though the in case of Russian social media manipulation issue, Facebook should have taken measure that not only allows the company to work but also the government to combat international cyber-warfare. Facebook has always said that “community” is the company’s priority but decisions aren’t made clear in their best interest Afterall.

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