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SMS Breach: Hackers Can Get Hands On Your Online Accounts

sms breach

Due to unsecured database operations, millions of text messages may have been breached in the SMS breach by hackers.

Cybersecurity researchers discovered that the unsecured database is not even password protected, and they may contain information regarding passwords in a plain text, two-factor authentication codes, account security codes, tracking information, and other precious content.

Particularly, these messages may include communications from banks, medical institutions, Yahoo, Google, and other social media channels. When a two-factor authentication code or a user login link is sent via text messages, it’s operating firms act as a gateway who convert those codes into text messages.

Notably, the operating firms play the key role in maintaining an unsecured database vulnerable to SMS breach. Hence it is of prime importance for the operating firms to pull the database.

Additionally, information about the recipient’s mobile number is included in the database which can offer real-time access to any hacker. Hackers can cause SMS breach by acquiring password reset links and two-factor authentication codes.

This place many accounts at higher risks. Each code tagged and detailed meticulously which includes the recipient’s cell phone number, the message, the firm’s customer who sent the message, and the shortcode these firms used.

“Login With Facebook” Engrave Paths for Hackers towards Your Profile

Even though, when used with login credentials, SMS verification requires more protection than just a username and password. Recently, many security experts have issued alerts about possibilities of SMS breach. Primarily, researchers have warned that SMS breach can happen but utilizing apps or hardware based USB security keys like Google’s Titan keys are safer options.

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