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Nigerian First Lady Scam: Man Charged With Offenses Under Cybercrimes Law

nigerian first lady scam

A 48-year-old man – impersonating Nigerian first lady – fraud people around the world and made $20.5 million.

Julius Anyawu Uche was also charged with other 10 offenses under cybercrimes legislation when scam emails were sent under name of President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife Aisha.

The accused pleaded not guilty before a judge sitting at the Federal High Court in Lagos and was remanded into custody until a further hearing at the same court on January 18.

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Two more men were also remanded in the custody till the same date on similar offenses.

One – from the two arrested – 48, Agu Ifeanyi George impersonated as a medical doctor seeking funds to relocate Syrian refugees.

According to police, Uche – also known as Musa Mohammad – said to have worked with a gang.

Nigeria has an objectionable repute for the Nigerian first lady scam, with scammers often using contemporary subjects and personalities to deceive victims into parting with bank details or cash.

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