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New Scam In The Town Beware: ‘WhatsApp Black Friday’

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WhatsApp Black Friday

As the popularity of WhatsApp is sky leaping, scammers and such thefts are also very loud in this social medium as well like the one dangerous game scam just recently taking many innocent lives of children.

Nowadays a new scam namely BLACK FRIDAY is circling around on WhatsApp which is currently active in U.S.A., U.K., and Ireland but such scams reach all over the world in just a blink of an eye. One can get the grip of this WhatsApp black Friday scam popularity by its name.

Under Black Friday logo people can widely shop on super discounts on trending stuff not only in stores but also online. Henceforth, the scammers are pretty much active nowadays as BLACK FRIDAY is on its way.

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Pakistani should beware as well because like the other states citizens people here are also crazy for this upcoming event but these types of events are the playground for the scammers as they play their cards and offer fake deals to people.

Their messages attract users by offering a 90 percent discount on popular international chains and tells them to click on the given link to buy those products at cheap rates. The link directs users to the fake Amazon page which not only ask them to enter personal details and shipping addresses but also their credit cards information.

Though to curb spam messages, WhatsApp is working on a Suspicious Link Detection feature, it will stop fake news from spreading on the platform but this feature is not available for development reasons yet. As they state that it still needs many other improvements before it rolls out and available for everyone.

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