Future of Cybercrime and Delaying Demise

Future of Cybercrime

Cybercrime Hex

Nowadays traditional robberies are out course as in the era of 21st-century one doesn’t even think of stealing a Maserati sitting next door parking lot due to the advancement of physical theft stopping technologies. Cybercrimes are the hot topic these days for robbers’ as they invest less and get much out from it without even get caught.

As security agencies are not that much advanced, one can do this while sitting in the other part of the world and avoid domestic cyber laws.

As we all are well aware of the fact that the hackers and people behind cybercrimes generate more sum than any other illicit black-market product seller. Cybercrime costs $110 billion on the US economy and we are about to see the next decade as a gold rush for criminal hackers.

Looking into the devastating results; we can imagine the future of cybercrime and why it is becoming challenging for authorities to tackle down the alarming situation.

Future of Cybercrime

With the expanding horizon of devices connected to the internet, the IOT box is ready to open with lots of damages including access to secret information, hacking, data manipulation, data loss, digital stealing, and all other modes of cybercrime.

On top of this, hacking tools and techniques are increasing in a mind freaking way. For instance, ransomware alone was a US $1 billion (£740 million) industry last year. These combined factors are leading towards a booming future of cybercrime.

Though Ministry of IT&T notified the rules and SOPs for cybercrime what are the factors that should be on the top priority list for agencies and authorities to handle in Pakistan? We need to be more focused and rational towards each of them in order to give a protected digital environment across the country.

Crypto Currency “Gold Rush”

Who doesn’t know cryptocurrency these days? Bitcoins are the most popular notch in the list. But we are seeing this as a far more crypto jacking activity in coming years. The fast pacing popularity of crypto-jacking is it’s ever rapidly rising value.

Though it is illegal in Pakistan, people are allegedly dealing with it. On one day alone last year, Malwarebytes blocked 11 million connections to coin-mining sites.

With some facts that agencies may be doing this to migrate maximum people in online revenue generation, this can end up replacing advertising in some cases.

If this ever happened, the future of cybercrime will be more like a doomsday.

Future Targets of Cybercrime

As we know what cybercriminals hunt these days and for why. But what will be their preys in future, it is a burning question. There are some of the targets that cybercriminals will look for. And these are:

Hacking the Internet of Things

We all know that computers are ruling the world. The time is near where everything will be beholden of computers and robots. Daily life items ranging from your shoes to your coffee mug, computers are getting installed in everything. Henceforth, it will be much easier for the hacker to hunt for the item they like and trigger it in the direction they want. For instance, they can hack your oven and heat it up that much to murder you remotely. (Scary as imagine!)

Hacking Self Driving Cars

Autonomous Vehicles (AV) are going to legalize in the 2020s. Once it is common on roads, hackers will be dying to hack your private VA and run it as they desire. They can hack its operating system, stealing the goods being transported inside automated trucks, remotely kidnapping someone riding inside an AV, remotely directing AVs to hit other cars or ram them into public infrastructure and building to create domestic terrorism.

Hacking Digital Avatar

It is assuming that by the late 2030s, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will make physical items so cheap the insignificant theft will become a thing of the past. The next two decades, we will see a transition from an economy based ownership to one based on access. Still, a person’s online identity will have its own worth.

Access to any kind of service associated to you, all your social connections, and daily life events will be targeted digitally, making identity fraud, identity ransom, and online reputation spreading among the most profitable forms of future of cybercrime.


Most of you are aware of Matrix and Inception movies, where hackers steal information directly from others’ minds. Same will be going to happen in the late 2040s where mere imagining or dreaming could direct you towards the hellfire. This time will actually the beginning of the annihilation.

Role of Agencies

The liability of both public and private sectors lies in collaborating in a more holistic way to approach the tinier end of cybercrime to demise its future impacts. As far as the ruling bodies will not take immediate measure to cope with the situation, we are in severe danger of getting cyberattacked from every side. We can’t forget that we are living in the horizon of cybercrime, but how to break this, is actually the responsibility of every ruling body.

Governments direly need to understand the deathly impacts of cybercrime even on their own policies and need to chronically deploy available resources to make oneself safe.

We can only hope that the future of cybercrime will not take much from us!

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