Alert: Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

Jobs Are Hunting For You!


Job scam and frauds are alarmingly expanding every next day. Innocent people are getting caught in the name of getting jobs by fake companies under the umbrella of renowned international and national companies. With the alarming situation of unemployment, every single person is applying through digital means in the hope of getting a job.

One similar case is come to screen recently where a fake company imitating as Etihad Group of Companies job scam is fooling people. Let’s see what they are actually doing to hunt innocents.

Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

The 21st century is the golden time of hackers, scammers, and breachers. All of them just want to squeeze out as much money from people as they can. Conversely, people who rush to get the bonus – in terms of anything – don’t bother to check the authenticity of a certain ad.

Job scammers are ruling over online jobs. Companies offer verified jobs are now on a target line by autonomous bodies for their authentication. This put online jobs at much higher risks and suspects.

This is not the case with under-developed or developing nations. But many developed nations are at the bottom line of providing jobs under scamming operations.

Job Propaganda

A recent case is just flash the screen with a danger light. A bogus company used a renowned company Etihad Airways name as Etihad Group of Companies to offer jobs in the United Arab Emirates.

They hunt for the people looking jobs online. This is a complete network of scammers across Pakistan to seize the innocents under a net. People who are not much aware of such job scams are getting in the hands of these scammers.

Scammers seek money at final stages which attract plenty of candidates who tend to pay at initial processes.

Working Mechanism

They first send a message on cell phone regarding approval of job application on a certain job seeking website. In the message, they inform the candidate about the email they sent on their personal email ID.

Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

A mail accompanying with the following information:

Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

Besides this, they state in the mail that accommodation, food, utility bills, transportation, medical, and insurance in Dubai will be provided by the company.

When the candidate accepts the job proposal they give a coupon of PKR9000/- for a medical test from a specific private company: Rahila Research & Reference Pvt. Ltd.

Etihad Group of Companies Job Scam

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Unlike other job scams, they don’t demand any payment at earlier stages which captivate innocents more. When a person uploads his medical certificate, they demand service charges for visa issuance.

Some people who submitted the fee granted by a visit visa after which – upon arrival – they left empty-handed. It is to be noted that a well-known company never appoints a candidate without taking his/her interview.

Last Call

People who’re imploring jobs are getting caught in the trap of job scam. They straightway need to verify the authenticity of such job proposals prior to approving and doing further processes.

In the era of frauds, everyone needs to be vigilant enough to check the vitality of something at a single glance. Because there are fewer people to share knowledge with you and pull you out from such traps but a plenty of others who put their cell phones out to capture your image in that trap and roll over social media. Alas! It is true.

Beware of such scams and report if you face any.

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