What Are The Cybersecurity Mistakes Startups Make

Cybersecurity Mistakes


Before digging into it, just let me ask some questions from you. Are you running a startup? Is it easy for you to manage all tasks up-to-date? Is your startup upright for your employees?

Maybe some of you come up with a big answer YES! Then for all of them, I wanna know that, Is your startup cyberattack secure?

Now at this point, many of them will answer NO!

This article is purely written for those people who are running an enterprise, company or a small scale startup with no idea of their cybersecurity mistakes and how data breaches ruin an entire business. So grab on and read in full depth.

Cybersecurity Mistakes

It is quite easy to establish and run a startup these days. But it becomes difficult when there’s a question of managing it successfully. We see small, medium, and large-scale startups coming to the screen every now and then.

They are full of brilliant ideas, give a hefty challenge to the competitors, and mark its position on national platforms within a couple of months. But suddenly, there’s a fall in their skyrocket success that vanishes their names from the screen. This fall is commonly known as Cybersecurity Mistakes.

Most of the entrepreneurs don’t take it seriously and just want to shine their business and bigger offices without even realizing the consequences it can leave behind. Upgrading cybersecurity is one of the first and foremost challenges which should be given prime importance after establishing a startup.

Booming a business leads to more computing networks that laid roads for hackers to attack your database. Employees who aren’t up to speed on security threats can click suspicious links and can fall for the online scams.

Now let’s see what are the cybersecurity mistakes commonly and unknowingly made by startups.

Taking Cybersecurity As A Second Option

Cybersecurity mistakes are the common problems every new startup make. Taking this as an afterthought, most of the startups go for the security assessment. The security approach is mostly reactive rather than active.

No Security Architecture

Newly established startups just think about how they can flourish just in days. All they think about is the faster growth of their business, frequent deliveries, and fast-paced to the market. They take cybersecurity as a backseat. The internal system is inherently insecure and vulnerable to the cyberattacks. Cost of filling the security loopholes in production can be up to 30x of the cost of fixing it at earlier stages.

Delay System Update And Patching

As without lacking a complete setup of security, the systems and platforms are left unpatched for critical vulnerabilities. This exposes the hidden working stems for external attacks and sometimes it becomes the victims of malware campaigns.

No Awareness

In fresh startups, it is left untouched to give cyber-security awareness to the employees. Many employees use their personal devices to handle, manipulate, and store significant data. These devices are managed sloppily and the company has no security oversight on them.

Their cybersecurity mistakes lead to the devastation of their startups. It increases the possibility of the data breach. Employees must be educated about security implications and what are the cybersecurity mistakes that can cause serious damages to their startups.

Use Of Public Cloud Storage

Public cloud services like O365, Dropbox, and Google Drive etc. are widely used for collaboration and convenience of data sharing. Startups also use AWS and other public cloud storage services to host their applications. These services are cost-effective but are surely come with their own risks.

Startups need to assess and implement proper means of cybersecurity before considering these services.

Focus On Prevention

Many startups take an ad-hoc approach to cope up their cybersecurity mistakes, primarily focusing on prevention. For instance endpoint security, antivirus, and firewall etc. However, they do not think about timely detecting or responding to the braches.

Detection and response should be given a prime importance of all security programs to protect a startup.


Cybersecurity mistakes need to tackle down on an urgent basis and there should be a defensive system capable of handling a data breach prior it can cause any serious damage to your startup.

Assessing the maturity level of cybersecurity mistakes, it has become a critical step in completely securing a startup. There must have things for every startup to concern about the cybersecurity issues.

I hope you have found this article valuable for your startup. Is there is any need to share more significant issues related to cybersecurity mistakes just comment below.

Other than this, keep boosting your startup!

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