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IPhone’s AirDrop Feature High Tech Sexual Harassment

iPhone’s AirDrop feature

With the advancement in technology, people feel comfort by relying on them. The new technologies not only bring easy accessibility but on the other hand might become bothersome. And to some extent they might make you a victim of some hacking or harassment cases like Mentzer, 35, an actress and dancer got harassed by a stranger via AirDrop, a new iPhone feature which was frightening her.

AirDrop, iPhone feature used to share photos and other files quickly, without disclosing phone number or email address. It only requires the user to be within roughly 30 feet to its receiver, which operates over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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It arrives with the name of the iPhone giving the sender anonymity. Though it’s a good advancement it gives a well enough liberty to many players and harassers to bother others in crowded areas.

Many people are suffered from iPhone’s AirDrop feature, receiving life-threatening and lewd messages from strangers. The New York subway system has been the scene of many such incidents, a reporter for HuffPost UK reportedly received over 100 lewd AirDrops while riding the London Tube.

But it can be avoided if you are a good technology familiar person by simply changing the default settings on the iPhone from everyone to accept AirDrops from contacts only.

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