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Saudi Arabia Hunted For Israeli Technology

Israeli technology

Pegasus 3, a highly advanced system that hacks into mobile phones and does not depend on the victim clicking on a link before the phone is breached. It’s a product of Israeli technology firm specializing in cyber intelligence which was bought by Saudis.

It’s now confirmed that Pegasus was used by the Saudi authorities to surveil journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was killed inside the Saudi’s consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul on October 2.

It was reported by The Israeli daily on Sunday that representatives from NSO Group Technologies held negotiations with Saudi officials on June 2017 in Austria when they were avidly promoting its Pegasus 3 software. But it was not there first meeting as they had previously held talks in Cyprus via mediators, reported by The Israeli daily.

Saudi security forces arrested hundreds of the richest people in the country last year by using this technology by keeping them under their radar to tackle corruption among the higher echelons of the kingdom’s bureaucracy.

It’s being said that the crown prince might be using the purge to remove people that could potentially pose a political threat to him in the future.

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