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UK & Dutch Fined Uber More Than About A Million $ For Violating Data Protection Laws

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During the 2016 cyber-attack on the famous private transportation American company UBER, violated data protection laws as the company didn’t t act after it got hacked.

This resulted in 174,000 users along with the driver’s personal information being hacked.

Dutch officials also accused that the company didn’t even denounce the security flaw within the next 72 hours as required by the data protection laws. The case was called by the UK & Dutch authorities against the company where the company accepted its faults and accusations.

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Uber was fined with the sum of about $1.2 Million. Afterward, the company improved its data protection & security system.

As UBER officials said

They had learned from their mistakes from the past and hopefully, our customers will not see such cases in the near future.

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