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Uncontrolled Scammers: BBC Reporter Got Scammed


It’s not new for media personals to get scammed but now a day’s scammers are uncontrolled as thousands of people all over the world have been receiving sextortion emails from scammers.

A case similar to it also happened to BBC Trending reporter, Jo Whalley received one of those emails. Despite getting worried about her browsing history, she got alarmed when she found out that the scammers had one of her current passwords. But she didn’t afraid, rather tries to find out how cyber-criminals have got hold of people’s personal information not only this but also how they were able to get her current password and how one can protect her/himself from hackers.

To get her answers she reached out to Joseph Cox, writer and motherboard expert like others. He is also researching these new trending alarming situations. He clarified that the hacker cannot break into someone’s webcams and get their footages of using some websites like the one they usually narrate in their emails and messages as they scammed people.

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He also told that as the hackers are constantly breaking into different websites and do trading with different other hackers of the password, they breach, then some people buy them or sell them, in the end, it than tricked down to lower level cybercriminal’s where they usually got one’s passwords that one might be using.

To avoid these hackers scammed, one first need to change the password after it got breached and use the password manager to remember all of the new passwords, as it’s a software that stores encrypted passwords to all of your accounts and can only be accessed with the master passcode.

One can also check whether his/her information is breached or not by visiting website known as “Have I Been Pwned” by only putting the email address into it.

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