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A Massive Hack Attack Hit Marriott Hotels

marriott hack attack

Marriott Hotels got hit by a massive hack attack exposing the data of more than 500 million guests. Marriott mentions that about 327 million users’ emails, passport numbers, and mailing address are compromised in this recent event.

Not only this, but credit cards information of a few users also got stolen.

This hack attack is termed as one of the largest to affect as much 500 million of its users primarily from the Starwood unit. Marriott bought Starwood in September last year.

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The Starwood Network is not only in use of Marriot but also hotels like Sheraton, St. Regis, and W Hotels and Westin.

After the Marriott hack attack, further information regarding the users whose data got hacked hasn’t been made public. Due to the attack, Marriott share value also tumbled down by more than 5%. As Marriott owns as much as 5,700 properties in 110 different countries around the world including Pakistan as well.

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