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Russian Hands Were Involved In Czech Foreign Ministry Breach Last Year

Czech foreign ministry

BIS says last year 2 cyber-attacks on Czech foreign ministry was done partly by APT28 in its annual report. In the report about 150 staff mailboxes, copying emails, and attachments were accessed.

The annual report said:

All the findings make clear that it was the Turla cyberespionage campaign, originating from the FSB, a Russian intelligence service, and APT28/Sofacy, which is credited to the Russian military intelligence, the GRU.

APT28 is a hacking group having close relations with the Russian intelligence agency. BIS counter-intelligence service, Czech foreign ministry, and many other western countries also have warned against Russian activities in their countries.

BIS also mention Chinese intelligence activities in the report. Cyber-attacks on Czech military were also mentioned in which several private email accounts of people linked to the Defense Ministry and army were breached along with IP addresses by a malware known as X-Agent.

On the other hand, Czech President Milos Zeman has vigorously promoting political and business ties with both China and Russia.

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